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"Every successful boxer knows the importance of having quality trainers work their corner. The great Muhammad Ali was guided by legendary trainers, Angelo Dundee and Bundini Brown. As a former boxer, battling the progressive stages of dementia, I am very grateful to have the GPS SmartSole working my corner, ensuring me a better quality of life while maintaining my dignity and affording my family the peace of mind that my getting lost is a worry of the past."
Ray Ciancaglini, former professional boxer and award-winning concussion awareness activist. (


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9 Million People live under some form of oversight due to various forms of memory impairment

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GPS SmartSoles with Inductive Charging Pad

gps smart-sole wearable technology


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) SmartSoles

gps smart-sole wearable technology

GTX Corp and Atlantic Footcare have partnered to launch a line of GPS enabled insoles




2120 miles is not an obstacle for GTX 2-way
GPS Personal Location Tracking Solutions

2-way GPS Tracking — Offers a personal level of security and peace of mind for GPS service merchants and systems integrators interested in providing real-time tracking solutions. It is ideal for monitoring people, vehicles and valuables providing security and recovery services to subscribing clients around the world with both GPRS/SMS.

Among the many GTX GPS Tracking device features are a motion sensor which puts the device to sleep after 1 minute of no movement, tremendously enhancing battery life and power optimization. If an asset moves more than 30 feet there are immediate geo-fence settings attainable. The device also comes with a panic button providing subscribers with a precise alert notification location on Google or Microsoft maps that can be monitored on laptops, cell phones, and PDA's.

GPS Tracking Solutions for the Enterprise
We Customize, Localize and Optimize for you.

GTX Corp offers an innovative suite of miniaturized portable and embedded 2 way GPS tracking devices, apps and viewing portal along with a complete customizable platform, data service plans and professional services, for private label partners. Our turn-key solution provides strategic partners rapid entry into the GPS tracking marketplace with a versatile and robust hardware platform and complete infrastructure solution empowering them to meet the needs of their customers and channel partners.

If you are a business looking to implement 2 Way GPS solutions, we provide efficient and cost effective customized hardware and software GPS solutions.

Whether applied to industrial, healthcare or any enterprise channel, GTX Corp has the products, knowledge and people to allow our partners to quickly enter into the market place and begin delivering value to their customers.

We offer both hosted and out licensed solutions, flexible data plans for our domestic partners and assistance in selecting the right GSM/GPRS carrier to our international partners.

We currently have partners and customers in over 100 countries and provide localization in multiple languages.

If you have ever asked the “where is” question and are looking to monitor, protect or ensure the safety of people, pets or high value assets by knowing where they are, GTX Corp answers those questions and provides the technology and solutions. We welcome the opportunity to see how we can work together and help you bring a comprehensive location based tracking solution to your enterprise.