Wearable Technology - 2-Way GPS Tracking Devices



GTX "Take-Along Tracker"

This certified quad-band miniaturized 2 way GPS / SOS and Voice capable device, is optimized for today’s demanding requirements where location based safety, security and connectivity are paramount.

Equipped with GSM/GPRS for both voice and data, an SOS alert notification, locate call on demand, a motion sensor for up to 16 days battery life and a host of other custom rich features.  This robust device is small enough to embed in a host of consumer or enterprise products that need to be monitored.
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How the Take-Along GPS uses inductive charging  The Take-Along can easily be charged using a wireless Inductive charging pad.

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For Consumers looking to buy this device with a monthly monitoring plan,
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For Businesses interested in ordering an evaluation device
( Prime AT lite or GTX VL2000) including a 30 day service plan,
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The Prime lite and GT200
are only available for businesses


Prime AT Lite *NEW*

The Prime AT Lite is a “Real Time GPS Tracking Device” that combines GSM and GPS technology so you can keep track of loved ones and high value assets, either on line through the GTX Corp backend portal or your smart

This small and lightweight device uses high sensitivity GPS and assisted GPS and operates on the Global GSM network.

• Extremely small and light weight (only 58 grams)
• Sleek and robust design
• Motion sensor for long battery life (up to 16 days)
• Easy access to SIM card (Ask about the GTX affordable data plans)

This device is perfect for anything that needs keeping track of — including bicycles, pets backpacks, luggage, containers, electric vehicles (EV) and much more!


Small and powerful GPS phone for personal tracking. Its location can be monitored in real time or periodically. Users can easily dial a preset phone number using one of four quick-dial button, or the SOS button.
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Wearable Teachnology GPS SmartSole insole for shoesGTX SmartSole

GPS SmartSoles - the next big step in wearable technology

BLE SmartSoles are embedded with a miniaturized Bluetooth low energy chip that reports when someone crosses a virtual perimeter.  The BLE SmartSoles report to a CUBE gateway sensor which utilizes a Wifi connection to send email or text alerts to your internet connected computer, tablet or smart phone.
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Code Amber Alertag

Upload photos, documents, contact information along with detailed medical information such as allergies, conditions or medications which might be vital in an emergency.
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AttachaPack GPS System

The AttachaPack GPS System is wearable technology that tracks the location of kids wearing their backpack.