Code Amber News Service

Marc Klass Endorses Code Amber.

Code Amber News Service, Inc. is the predominant online news publisher of local, state and national missing person’s alerts. 

codeamber.orgCode Amber News Service, Inc. has been looking for the means to expand both its viewership and methods of distributing missing person’s alerts for instances where a person is missing but does not meet state by state official Amber Alert criteria.  The objective for Code Amber.Org is to expand the syndication of this critical data stream beyond its current participating online audience of nearly one million, to a wider and broader mobile base utilizing new PLS technologies, PDAs and smart phones.  Streaming the missing person’s alerts to mobile platforms should significantly increase subscriber participation and allow relevant geospatial data to the real time ticker feed.  Through the recent acquisition, GTX Corp will provide the technology platform, infrastructure and resources to accomplish that mission.  People will be able to choose the kinds of alerts they wish to receive in addition to Amber Alerts and will be able to receive them on their mobile handsets.  An example would be Silver Alerts, for wondering elderly.  GTX Corp patented Personal Location Services technology platform, will enhance the value of the Code Amber News Service empowering its distribution to a wider audience of a variety of geo-specific real time alerts.  Keeping with the mission to utilize PLS technology to be a better people finder solution, Code Amber and GTX Corp- With you...

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